8 iPhone Tricks to Make Life Easier

Owning an iPhone has become a dream for everyone. From classic mirror selfies to great features, Apple has left no stones unturned to make sure that the users are 100% satisfied. And given the current pandemic situation, most of us are stuck at home and making sure that we are productive. If you are new to the iPhone world, read the rest of this blog to know more. Here, we will talk about some cool tips and tricks that will help you enjoy your phone to the fullest.

  1. Recover deleted photos: Accidents happen, and we often delete pictures on your phone. Luckily, on your iPhone, you can retrieve the same by using a few methods.

If you want to retrieve deleted photos, check the “recently deleted” folder in the Photos application. It generally saves images for up to 30 days before they get deleted forever.

On your iPhone, open the Photos application and scroll down till you see the recently deleted album and choose from the top right of the screen.

Tap on the images that you would like to restore and tap recover on the bottom right. You can even recover the pictures with the help of Disk Drill as well. Connect your iPhone to your Mac with the lightning cable and open Disk Drill on your Mac.

Choose recover to scan for deleted files on your iPhone. After that, preview images that can be restored and select recover to restore the same. To know more about this feature, you can visit setapp.com.

  1. Use the measure app as a spirit level: The iPhone’s measure app is just not for measuring things but also comes in handy for DIY projects at home. If you are a DIY lover, this app will come in handy as it helps you properly hang shelves or artworks. All you need to do is open the application and choose the level option to activate the same.
  2. Use your iPhone keyboard function as a trackpad: If you have been working on your iPhone to some extent, then you might have used your iPhone keyboard as a trackpad already. However, you might not know that you can turn your iPhone into a trackpad (if it has an iOS 12 or a recent update).

All you need to do is type in an email or text message, then press and hold the finger on the space bar on your keyboard.

  1. Turn your iPhone into an activity tracker: If you have a busy schedule and are hardly making any time for exercise, you need a fitness tracker for it.

The best part is that you don’t have to buy a fitness tracker separately, as your iPhone will track your steps. It is as good as a Fitbit. For this, open the Health application installed in your iPhone to know how many steps you have taken each day.

It would be even better if you have an Apple Watch or an iPad as the application will send data to those Apple devices. This way, you can now track your calories and how much you are shedding daily.

  1. Access a magnifying glass: If magazines are quite difficult to read, you don’t have to find an old magnifying glass. Instead, use your iPhone. Yes, you read that right. iPhone acts as a magnifying glass with a few clicks on the screen. To access this, you need to go to the main settings of your iPhone and then click on accessibility. Next, tap on the magnifier to switch it on.

Now it will magnify anything that you want to read.

  1. Use your phone as a recording device: You can also turn your iPhone into a recording device. For this, open the voice memos app and press the red record button. It will then record the audio of whatever is going on and tap the red button to finish the editing recording. You can then save it as you want to.
  2. Tap the back for a screenshot: Apple’s iOS software has great accessibility features, and this is one of them. Taking a screenshot is now easy as you can tap the back for a screenshot. To enable the same, go to Settings, then find accessibility and select Touch.

Now scroll down to back tap. Choose double or triple tap and then select screenshot. Now when you tap twice or thrice on the back of your iPhone, it will get a screenshot for you.

Taking screenshots has become an important part of our lives. The cool feature is quite handy.

  1. Get rid of home screens: This is yet again another handy feature. All you need to do is long-press a blank part on your home screen and choose that app page indicator on the bottom. Next, tap on the checkmark at the bottom of each screen you want to move. It will hide the applications in the application library.

So these are a few iPhone tricks and tips that we needed to share with you. And to know about the recent iPhone 13 release shock, check this article by Forbes.