10Web: Manage Multiple WordPress Sites Easily from One Interface

Whether you are an individual or a business having multiple WordPress sites or want to manage your new website, managing all its aspects can be a daunting task. How often have you not thought if there was a simple interface for managing and optimizing all your WP sites? 10Web offers a unique platform that simplifies the process of WP site managing it with ease. This system provides you with a wide selection of tools so that you can design and manage and optimize it with utmost ease.

10 Web Stats

The following 10Web stats should give you an idea of its importance in improving your site’s performance and management.

  • There are over 60 plugins or add-ons to choose from for your WordPress site.
  • It has received over 10 million downloads.
  • The system is used by over 0.7 million active users worldwide.

Key Features

The following key features of this platform provide you insights into its functions and benefits:

1. Single Dashboard Interface

No matter how many WP sites you have, using 10Web means that you don’t have to login into each different site to manage them. You will get a single dashboard interface from where you can manage all the different sites. This means more time saved and improved productivity.

2. Dozens of Useful Plugins and Add-Ons

10Web offers you more than 60 plugins and add-ons to enhance the functioning of your WP site. From social media plugins to galleries, sliders, and other functional plugins, you can find just the right tool required to improve your site.

3. Cloud Backup

Take regular backups of your website to the Cloud. 10Web provides its own cloud storage solution. Schedule periodic backups or perform it manually. You can easily restore the backup as and when required.

Regular automatic backups ensure that there is never any disruption. All your websites’ files and database remain safe and intact and can be restored anytime. Cloud storage is a safe and sound, and better backup solution compared to any other method.

4. Optimize Images

Page-load time is an important factor in user experience and SEO. The use of large images on your site can not only consume more space, it can also slow down your site’s speed. 10Web automatically resizes and compresses all the images without reducing image quality. The system will achieve this without you having to do it for each image.

5. Automatic Reports Generation

10Web generates different types of reports which can be accessed from within the dashboard. Check reports relevant to backup, traffic, image optimization, and other features to learn about the performance of your WordPress websites.

6. Search Engine Optimization

Another advantage of using this system is that its SEO module takes care of your site’s SEO aspects. It addresses key search engine ranking factors thus helping boost your site’s rankings and driving more traffic. SEO is often a complex subject for website owners. But with 10Web, you can simplify the task and let it take care of optimizing your website.


The system offers a unique ‘manager’ plugin that allows you to connect all your WP sites and manage them from within the same dashboard. And all the functions are based on a single-click operation. You can install 10Web, active or deactivate it, add plugins, add-ons or themes, and do much with a click.

And all these features are backed up by a reliable and professional customer support service that is available all the time. From creating a WP site to restoring backups, you can access the customer support to clear your queries or help you with the processes. Managing a WordPress site or blog shouldn’t be a headache any longer. No matter how many sites you have, you can manage, and optimize them all using this simple system.