Is Stout an ale or lager?

Is Stout an ale or lager?

In general, ales are more robust and complex. Common styles of ale include pale ale, India pale ale, amber ale, porters, and stouts. Lagers – By contrast, lagers are made with bottom-fermenting yeast that work best at cooler temperatures, between 35° and 55° Fahrenheit.

Which is better beer or stout?

Yes, stout really is healthier. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin in the US found that stout possesses antioxidants not found in other lagers. … “The antioxidants in beer are better at reacting with toxic free radicals than the ones in antioxidant vitamin pills.”

Is Stout stronger than beer?

They do make stronger versions. This is not to say that dark beers should be assumed to be light on alcohol! While dark beers are not automatically the strongest beers, many can pack a punch. … Stouts tend to be 7 or 8% alcohol-by-volume and Imperial or Russian Stouts are even higher than 9% alcohol.