Is Hermione a Mary Sue?

Is Hermione a Mary Sue?

Hermione is not a Mary-Sue. Not in the books nor even the films. For one thing, she's an already existing character. She's not perfect in either the books or the films, and she has her own specific role as being the “brainy” one.

Why Rey isnt a Mary Sue?

When he tries to use the Force to grab it, Rey is able to instead—not because she's more skilled, but because the lightsaber makes its own choice. … So not quite a Mary Sue here either, given that she was fighting a wounded opponent who was only trying to subdue her while Luke and Anakin's lightsaber came to her aid.

Is Katniss a Mary Sue?

You might be able to find a definition for Katniss' character type, but she's not a Mary Sue. She is severely flawed and scarred mentally by her experiences in the games, almost to the point of mental breakdown on more than one occasion…so, no, she is no Mary Sue.

Is Saitama a Mary Sue?

Saitama is not a Mary Sue character. Although he does share quite a few traits with Mary Sue characters, he is not an idealized version of his author. While he does face some of the challenges as the author, he does not particularly fare any better at them.

Is kirito a Mary Sue?

Simple answer: yes. Kirito, a textbook Mary Sue. Kirito is very overpowered and frequently steals the spotlight. Despite what others say, a Mary Sue is not just something internal to a character – there is often externality too.

Is Batman a Mary Sue?

In the case of Batman, he's obviously not a Mary Sue. … Yes he's unrealistic and he always wins, but he's not a Mary Sue.

Is Harry Potter a Mary Sue?

A Mary Sue is not someone who's attractive and loved by everyone, it goes further.

What’s the male version of a Mary Sue?

Mary Sue (sometimes abbreviated "Sue")is a term used to describe characters who are typically considered to be wish-fulfillment characters of the author. The male equivalent is known as a Gary Stu, Marty Stu, or Larry Stu.

Is Bella Swan a Mary Sue?

Bella Swan is a self insertion Mary Sue and because of this the world into which she is put is effectively ruined. No person can be that perfect and so the reader questions whether any of the characters becomes more than a 2D puppet of the author who has them do whatever she wants to make Bella seem more Mary Sueish.

What defines a Mary Sue?

Mary Sue is a term used to describe a fictional character, usually female, who is seen as too perfect and almost boring for lack of flaws, originally written as an idealized version of an author in fanfiction.