What makes your OC a Mary Sue?

What makes your OC a Mary Sue?

She's Mary Sue, the most reviled character type in media fan fiction. Basically, she's a character representing the author of the story, an avatar, the writer's projection into an interesting world full of interesting people whom she watches weekly and thinks about daily.

Why are Mary Sues called Mary Sues?

The term "Mary Sue" comes from the name of a character created by Paula Smith in 1973 for her parody story "A Trekkie's Tale" published in her fanzine Menagerie #2.

How do you spot a Mary Sue?

The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test – This is very detailed questionnaire that will give you a score and tell you the chance your character is a Mary Sue. If you score very low you might even have an Anti-Sue. Mary Sue Test – this type provides 42 questions to analyze whether or not you have created a Mary Sue.