What is the difference between AXI and AHB?

What is the difference between AXI and AHB?

Difference Between AHB and AXI. AHB is Advanced High-performance Bus and AXI is Advanced eXtensible Interface. … The AHB is also a shared Bus whereas the AXI is a read/write optimized bus. In AHB, each of the bus masters will connect to a single-channel shared bus.

What is AHB?

AHB stands for Advanced High-performance Bus and APB sands for Advanced Peripheral Bus. Both the Advanced High-performance Bus and the Advanced Peripheral Bus are part of the Advanced Microprocessor Bus Architecture (AMBA). Though both the AHB and the APB belong to AMBA, they differ in many ways.

What is Pipelining in AHB?

About AHB. The AHB architecture is based on separate cycles for address and data. … During this data cycle, the address and control for the next transfer are driven out. This leads to a fully pipelined address architecture. When an access is in its data cycle, a slave can extend an access by driving the HREADY signal LOW …

What is the use of AMBA protocol?

The Advanced Micro controller Bus Architecture (AMBA) bus protocols is a set of interconnect specifications from ARM that standardizes on chip communication mechanisms between various functional blocks (or IP) for building high performance SOC designs.