New Cryptocurrency Mining Era

Over the years, crypto mining has been a field dominated mostly by individuals with a high level of technical expertise. Unfortunately, this thriving industry has done very little to encourage common people to venture into crypto mining. However, things are now changing for good with the recent launch of AsicWay. This innovative crypto start-up has stormed into the market with three outstanding products that make crypto mining simple yet highly rewarding. Most importantly, there is no need to be a tech wizard or an experienced miner for using these power-packed mining machines.

In addition to its ease of use, AsicWay also differentiates itself from other players in the market by means of extraordinary profitability of its miners. It has been observed that most of the crypto miners require a considerable amount of time to recover the return on investment. However, with all the miners from AsicWay, users can expect 100% return on their investment in less than one month. Since the time when bitcoin was mined for the first time in 2009, no mining hardware has been able to offer what AsicWay brings to the table. Naturally, many industry stalwarts feel that the inception of AsicWay has initiated the next big change in the crypto market.

If you are surprised about whatever you have heard till now about AsicWay, be prepared for more. As of now, AW1, AW2, and AW PRO are the three products offered by AsicWay. All these miners are built around the latest ASIC technology. If you take a look at the features of these products, what strikes immediately is their enormous hash power. Some of the readers may know that hash power is the most critical feature of crypto miners that directly impacts the probability of a miner to find the next block and receive a reward. There are talks in the crypto community that the industry has never witnessed hash rates as high as what AsicWay offers. To make things even more lucrative for crypto mining enthusiasts, these miners have extremely moderate power consumptions. As a result of these two key factors, AsicWay miners are extremely cost-efficient, which translates into their high profit-making potential.

Hash Rates of AsicWay Miners at a glance

                 BTC (TH/s) LTC (GH/s) ETH (GH/s) XMR (MH/s) Power Consumption (W)

AW1          380               40                   2.5                3                        650

AW2          610               64                    4                  5                        850

AW PRO   1950             200                13                 16                      2200

AsicWay was founded recently by a team of technology leaders and visionaries looking to even up the playing ground in crypto mining. The company has done everything possible to simplify the process of mining by eliminating all technology barriers. As a result, along with experienced miners, many individuals with no mining experience or knowledge have now started investing in AsicWay mining rigs.

All the miners from AsicWay are delivered pre-configured, saving hassles for the users. Even if find these things complicated, you can still get started simply by connecting the miner to a power socket. AsicWay understands the fact that signing up with a mining pool can be a cumbersome process for the newbies and has solved this problem by providing all users free access to the company’s own mining pool. Also, the minimum data speed required to run these miners is only 10 KB/s. To further enhance the profit of its customers, AsicWay covers the delivery and custom fees for them.

Within its short lifespan, AsicWay has become a frequently discussed name in the industry. Thousands of crypto enthusiasts have already started crypto mining using AsicWay miners and many more are likely to follow. In the near future, these mining rigs may even play a key role in making cryptocurrencies a part of mainstream economy.

Since the creation of cryptocurrencies, the industry has gone through several ups and down. With the launch of AsicWay miners, the industry is currently in the crossroads of a new era. If you want to join the bandwagon, please visit