Enhance your blog posts and make your point more memorable with images

Images play an important role in making a blog post memorable, and there shall be no doubt about it. Blogs that are beautified with images have a far better reach and position than the ones that only have text on them. Bloggers usually avoid adding images to their sites because they are expensive to create. But today, you don’t have to worry about the cost of images because many resources on the web provide royalty-free images for bloggers. You need to make an image search with the best tools to find the most relevant image content.

In this post, we will tell you how you can make your blog post memorable with the right images.

Best image practices for bloggers that can make their site memorable!

In this section, you will find the best advice and suggestions to enhance your blog post and make it more memorable.

  • Add featured images in the blog post

The most important thing in modern blogging is featured images. We would like you to know that featured images are the images that appear on the top of the blog post. The viewers would see the image on the top when they would open the blog post. This featured image should be very attractive and should have a proper headline if you want it to be clicked, shared, or be at least engaging. If the featured image is not attractive, it will increase the bounce rate of the blog. The featured image should be of very high quality so that its pixels don’t burst when it appears on a big screen. You can use reverse image search tools to find relevant and high-quality featured images.

  • Add images with faces in the blog post

There are different kinds of images that you can add to a blog, but you must know that the most attractive image is the one that has faces in it. Adding pictures of people, especially infants, can help you attract more people to your blog post. The human mind gets attracted to attractive faces more than any visual content, which helps the blogger win the reader’s attention. You can find pictures of people and infants with the help of reverse image search tools. The reverse photo look technique has made it easy to find similar images to search by photo.

  • Use meme images for entertainment

Memes are very attractive and interesting for readers, especially when added to blog posts. Today, you can easily create memes with the online meme maker tools or use the reverse image search tools to get the most popular memes relevant to your blog post. Memes are one of the biggest sources of entertainment that you would see on social media and other websites today. So you can cash this trend in your blogs and create humour for your readers.

  • Add images to support textual content

Sometimes text cannot deliver the message that an image can. An image can speak a thousand words, and so if you want to prove or make a point, you can take help from a visual aid. Images are more understandable than text because of how the human mind works. Now in these kinds of scenarios, you have to make sure that the position of the image is well-aligned with text having a difficult point.

  • Use infographics in the blog post

Infographics are considered to be religiously important for blog sites. Expert bloggers also call infographics the mother of all kinds of images used in blogs. Infographics are a combination of both text and images, so they don’t need to depend on text or the position. Usually, infographics are used for building backlinks with other sites. You can create infographics with the help of designer tools like Canva, or you can also use reverse image search techniques to find free graphic designs that suit your blog niche and topic.

  • Get fresh and free images for your blog

You can only make your blog memorable if you add images in your blog that are unique and free of all kinds of usage rights. When you are downloading images from the web that suit your topic, you are simply risking the accusation of plagiarism. We suggest our readers always use reverse image search tools to search by images you have selected for your blog. You can find similar images and details about the image’s copyrights with the search by image technique. You can find royalty-free images quite easily with these modern tools.

Skills that you need to enhance blogs with images!

To be a successful blogger who can enhance their site with images, you need to be:

  • Familiar with reverse image search techniques and tools.
  • Familiar with cropping, image optimization, and other modification tactics.
  • Aware of the basic filters and effects.
  • Know how to add meaningful text in the image or memes.

If you are familiar with the best image search tools and basic image editing and setting techniques, you can easily enhance your blog and prove your point!