Which is better oak or pine?

Which is better oak or pine?

The answer in short is, no. Oak is classed as a hardwood while pine is classed as a softwood. This means that oak wood is more hard wearing and is less prone to damage easily. However, pine wood is still robust yet it doesn't have as long of a life span that oak furniture does.

Is Pine lighter than oak?

The answer to which is lighter, oak or pine, should be a simple one, and most of the time it is. As a rule, oak is a hardwood and pine is a softwood, and that difference in hardness is partially due to the fact that oak is denser than pine. That greater density also usually makes oak harder.

Can you stain pine wood to look like oak?

However, using the color of an expensive wood on a more inexpensive variety is a common and cost-conscious way to achieve the look you want. Use a golden oak stain to disguise your pine. Gel stain allows you to change the color of wood without stripping it.