Which is better molarity or molality?

Which is better molarity or molality?

Molality is considered better for expressing the concentration as compared to molarity because the molarity changes with temperature because of expansion or contraction of the liquid with temperature.But molality does not changes with temperature because the mass of the solvent does not change with change in …

What is the relation between molality and molarity?

Molarity is defined as number of moles divided by the volume (in liters). Molality is defined as the number of moles divided by the mass of the solution (in kg). molality = no. of moles of solute/ wt. of solvent. if density of solvent is given we can find out relation between molality and morality..

How do you convert molarity to Molality?

The conversion requires multiplying the molarity by the solution's volume to get the number of moles of solute, then dividing by the solution's mass to get molality. Of course you can usually simplify this further by noting that D=m/V, so molality is equal to the molarity divided by the solution's density.