Which is better moisturizer or cream?

Which is better moisturizer or cream?

Moisturizing Cream A cream is typically formulated with half water and half oil. Heavier than a lotion, a skin cream tends to be less greasy than an ointment and is easy to spread over large areas. A cream helps moisturize dry skin without feeling too heavy and is most beneficial to those with normal and dry skin.

Can day cream be used as moisturizer?

You can also use a thicker cream for your body and a lightweight moisturizing lotion for your face. Stick with lighter, hydrating moisturizers in the summer months.

What do you put on first moisturizer or cream?

Serum. The general rule with face creams is that you should start with the lightest products first, and serums boast thin formulas that absorb the most efficiently. These concentrated lotions deliver active ingredients deep into pores, so ensure you're using one that caters to your biggest skincare woes.