What is physiology and morphology?

What is physiology and morphology?

Difference Between Morphology And Physiology. … The study of internal parts is referred to as internal morphology or anatomy. Physiology deals with the functioning of such body parts either in independently or in association with one another. Morphology is broadly categorized into three branches.

What are morphological differences?

The morphology of an organism is its visible anatomy – basically everything about it that you can see without looking through a microscope. So the 'morphological differences' between two species, or two organisms within a species, are the differences between their basic body plans: how many limbs do they have?

What is difference between morphology and anatomy?

In biology, morphology is the branch that deals with the form of living organisms. For plants, plant morphology or phytomorphology is the study of the physical form and external structure of plants, whereas plant anatomy is the study of the internal plant structure, mostly at the cellular/microscopic level.

What is meant by morphological evidence?

Morphological data are features of external form or appearance. … Data from vegetative and reproductive parts of the plants.