What are similarities between mitochondria and plastids?

What are similarities between mitochondria and plastids?

Mitochondria is known as power house of the cell whereas the Plastids are known as the kitchen of the cell. 2. Mitochondria produces energy in the form of ATP whereas Plastids manufacture food i.e., photosynthesis. Plastids occur only in plant and algae cells, but mitochondria are found in all eukaryotic cells.

What would happen if there was no difference between mitochondria and plastids?

Plastids impart color to different parts of a plant and are present in plant cells only. If there wouldn't have been any difference between mitochondria and plastids then these two functions of a cell namely respiration and imparting color would have hampered.

What is the difference between plasmid and plastid?

Plastid and plasmid are completely different structures found in cells. Plastids are membrane-bound organelles found in plant cells and algae, involved in the production and storage of chemicals like food inside the cell. … Plasmids are double-stranded, circular DNA, which provides antibiotic resistance to bacteria.

How are plastids and mitochondria created?

It is widely accepted that mitochondria and plastids evolved from bacteria that were engulfed by nucleated ancestral cells. … On average, each organelle must double in mass in each cell generation and then be distributed into each daughter cell.