Can lice cause dandruff?

Can lice cause dandruff?

Dandruff and head lice seem like they might have a lot in common: itchy head, irritated scalp and white objects in the hair. But is there a link? The simple truth is that no, there is no link between dandruff and head lice. Neither influences the other, or is caused by the other.

What color are dead lice eggs?

Nits are small, oval shaped and usually a yellowish-white color and are firmly attached to the side of hair shafts. Simply having nits does not necessarily mean that your child has live lice, though, since some nits may be empty egg casings and some may have dead, non-infective lice embryos inside.

Are lice eggs hard?

Egg/Nit: Nits are lice eggs laid by the adult female head louse at the base of the hair shaft nearest the scalp. Nits are firmly attached to the hair shaft and are oval-shaped and very small (about the size of a knot in thread) and hard to see. … A nymph looks like an adult head louse, but is smaller.

Is it possible to have lice eggs but no lice?

The only way to know that there are nits with no lice present at the time is by actually treating the head! Then, during your comb-out, you would find dead bugs or discover only the eggs. … It is possible to have Nits and no lice in the very early stages of an infestation.