How Do You Know if the Online Casino You Want to Sign Up With Is Legit?

As each additional US state legalizes online casino activity, the number of new providers available to users increases, and it can at times be hard to know which are legit and which should be avoided at all costs.

Clearly, when a state allows online casino activity, they have licensed a number of regulated brands to operate in the area. These, generally speaking, will all be legit though some may be better than others in specific areas.

The issues arise, mainly, with those online casinos that are not necessarily regulated but still operate in a gray area. When it comes to the question of what is the most trusted online casino? Well, this is never an easy query to answer.

If you are using the term trust in the sense of being wary about whether you may be ripped off as the victim of some sort of fraud, then it’s fair to say that this is very unlikely to happen with the regulated casinos that have been licensed in your state.

However, if by ‘trust’ you mean in terms of lower-level issues, such as how long it takes for payouts to appear in your account or whether the customer service offered by a brand is of a high level, then this is a more broad point.

Avoid Offshore Casinos

As a rule, it’s best to steer clear of offshore casinos. These are casinos that do not operate in the regulated market and are usually based overseas. Signing up with these casinos doesn’t mean you’d be the victim of fraud of some sort, but it does mean that you’ll have less recourse should something untoward occur.

These operate outside the market, and as such, you are taking a bit of a leap of faith when you sign up with them. With these services, you may find it hard to get a successful resolution if something nefarious occurs.

However, any issues with regulated casinos will usually be dealt with far quicker as these operators are bound by laws and regulations in the state they operate within. They are, therefore, far less likely to take you for a ride.

Read Online Reviews

If you choose to sign up with an offshore casino, and we strongly suggest you do not, then you should always read up on online reviews of the brand. Indeed this is something you should do even with regulated casinos.

This way, you can get a good sense of the value they offer as well as any issues that customers may have experienced. Make a point of visiting comparison sites that are more likely to offer genuine reviews rather than individual articles posted randomly.

Be Wary Of Giving Away Too Much Information

Online casinos that ask for a lot of personal information are, generally speaking, doing so for your own benefit. However, being asked for this information repeatedly or for documentation to be sent over in a non-encrypted secure manner should always set off internal alarm bells.

Waiting Too Long for Payouts

A good way to judge an online casino, especially after you’ve signed up, is how fast they complete any payouts. If you find that the process takes far too long, then just leave and never come back.

The best online casinos will make sure that these elements of their service are speedy as they know this is a crucial area for customers.