Best Instagram ad ideas for any business

Been lacking ideas to improve your Instagram account? While that occurs to practically any brand owner, not everyone can work out a solution. If you strive to increase sales and generate more leads, no better place exists than this article. Below are time-trusted and practical ideas to help you elevate your brand to a new level.

Combine visuals and text overlays

The symbiosis of visuals and text overlays arguably works wonders. There is no denying that people spend less time browsing social media. But it doesn’t mean their desire to scroll the feed has diminished. In contrast, they often aspire to absorb more information because they are tight on time. So what do they do? Of course, they try scrolling faster, paying less attention to every post. If your target audience comprises people involved in many occupations, it would be best to focus on quality over quantity and add text to images when working on the ad campaign.

Try to generate a short copy that will spark the audience’s attention and nudge them to tap on the ad. You can create the text and insert it into the picture. Luckily, you can do this easily using free Instagram templates. Just make sure the visual conveys the focal idea.

Add figures to prove credibility

Digital marketing offers a wide array of techniques to reach a specific audience and move it to do certain actions. However, people now tend to ask whether the product or service is affordable compared to other companies. One question draws particular attention – Is the brand credible? No wonder why, as numerous scammers are active now. The best way to prove you’re reliable and competitive is to include some stats about your brand. Figures will serve as excellent social proof showcasing the outcomes of your company. By looking at the evidence, your prospects will navigate toward interacting with your brand and promoting it to others.

Provide an overpowering incentive

Offering incentives is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to expand your audience and retain older clients. You are highly encouraged to provide incentives in the form of a visual with text overlays, in which you can add an older price replaced by a newer one. It will allow people to approach the offer and analyze it cautiously. However, ensure your incentive is irresistible, i.e., it leaves no place for hesitation. You want people to do the final step, not weigh up possible options–slash–offers from your rivals. Add a sense of urgency to increase the likelihood of choosing you over others. It will make people decide here and now whether they buy the product or not. Defining the time frame of the offer is an excellent way to prevent people from postponing the decision (e.g., bookmarking your page to check it later) and searching for alternatives instead.

Appeal to their emotions and hurdles

Incentives are incredible, but they sometimes need to be boosted by the brand’s understanding of what people want the most. Acknowledging what the audience has in mind when looking for a specific product or service will show that you aren’t income-oriented but also pro-client and strive to cater the offer to their needs. Whatever you sell, try to comprehend why people look for it. For example, assume you provide no-code/zero-code services for people operating in the cafe industry. Why do you think they search for zero-code solutions? Is it because they don’t hire a full-fledged IT crew or focus more on the food quality and don’t wish to spend more time playing with their website? Posing the right questions on the ad and/or choosing the right words will make your offer a no-brainer.

Address concerns and debunk wrong assumptions

We’ve all been in situations when you stumble upon a fantastic brand best suited for your needs. The offer with its free trial only fuels your interest, but your enthusiasm plummets once you see that this free period requires providing a credit card. Even if your Instagram ad might have a great and enticing offer, you need to provide clarifications. Otherwise, the marketing campaign won’t meet your expectations. Think about people’s concerns if you want to win them over. If, for instance, you offer a lead magnet, such as subscriptions, samples, free consultations, and other documents, it’s best to highlight that it’s entirely free to download.

Create eloquent, readable, and long-form copies

Many brands go in the opposite direction and focus on long-reads to increase conversions. And so can you if you have a knack for writing. Eloquent copies are often attention-grabbers aimed at improving customers’ knowledge about your brand, listing the features alongside the benefits of picking your company. Remember that long copies mean people will have to unfold them to see them in full. Also, if your ad appears in Stories, your target audience will need to tap and visit this post. It may not be the best choice if you focus on those who spend little time on the platform. Alternatively, you may break down your ad into several slides using a Carousel option. The first slide would typically be an appealing image making people swipe left to learn more.

Bottom Line

As your Instagram expertise progresses, you will know what method to use to enhance your business and build a good rapport with customers. For now, though, focus on the mentioned ideas. Using them will allow you to meet your goals and advance your next Instagram marketing ads.