Why is a pikelet called a pikelet?

Why is a pikelet called a pikelet?

The pikelet is believed to be of Welsh origin where it was known as 'bara pyglyd', later anglicised as pikelet. It is often called the 'poor man's crumpet' as it was made by those who could not afford rings to make crumpets and so would drop the batter freely into the pan.

What is a pikelet in Australia?

Pikelet may refer to: A crumpet or crumpet-like bread which is thinner than a traditional crumpet (Great Britain) A small crumpet or pancake in Australia and New Zealand. Stage name of Australian musician Evelyn Morris.

What is a pikelet?

Definition of pikelet. (Entry 1 of 2) : a small round thick pancake baked on a griddle and traditionally served on Christmas day in Great Britain : crumpet.

How do you eat Pikelets?

They are not served with maple syrup, however; they are generally eaten with jam and whipped cream. And you can eat them either cold or warm, whereas for pancakes, it's definitely best to eat them warm. You'll only need 4 ingredients (plus some melted butter to grease the pan) to make pikelets and it's so easy to do!