Which is better SUV or MUV?

Which is better SUV or MUV?

They are preferred because of their large capacity to haul people or items. The main difference between the two is their lineage. While MUVs are generally based on the form of the van, SUVs are more like light trucks that are totally enclosed. One of the biggest appeals of the SUV is its prowess off road.

Is Innova a SUV or MUV?

For e.g. Both Innova and Fortuner are based on Toyota Hilux pick-up truck platform and employ ladder frame chassis but we classify Fortuner as a SUV and Innova as MUV (Interestingly, Toyota Global website lists Fortuner as MUV along with Innova.

What is SUV MUV MPV?

The term MPV stands for Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV). This vehicle type is primarily designed to carry a number of passengers. People also refer to such a vehicle as 'Minivan' or 'Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV)'.

What is an XUV?

Extreme ultraviolet radiation. Crossover Utility Vehicle, a denomination used by some manufacturers for a car-based SUV. HSV Avalanche XUV. GMC Envoy XUV, a short-lived SUV with a retractable top in the rear area.