What wine is similar to Valpolicella?

What wine is similar to Valpolicella?

The four distinct styles of Valpolicella wine are unusual in that all are made from the same short list of native grapes: Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone, and Molinara. Rarer still, all four wines are produced throughout the region. By law Valpolicella DOC wines must be made using 45-95% Corvina.

Is Amarone dry or sweet?

Historically, Amarone was sweeter, as were many red wines. Moving through the 20th Century, red wine became drier to accommodate evolving tastes. Amarone producers kept their sweet wine, Recioto, in production for those who still wanted it.

What does Amarone mean?

Definition of amarone. : a robust dry red Italian wine with a high alcohol content.