What Programming Language to Learn in 2021

It is impossible to notice that the current world has started to evolve at a light speed from different perspectives, and one way or another, most aspects undergo digitalization. As a result, the demand for IT specialists is gaining momentum, so it is not surprising many young people start reflecting on learning programming languages and obtaining some other hard and soft skills that will help them build a career. Some students who have already chosen other majors are even ready to reach out to Speedy Paper writing service to free up their schedules and have more time for extracurricular activities. Such a strategy allows them to be more competitive in the modern market and increases their chances of finding a better workplace. Today most businesses require professionals that can help deliver their services to the end-users without any issues. None of them can do without programmers and their strong coding skills.

If you want to join the rank of the most sought-after specialists, it is worth paying attention to the most widespread and sought-after programming languages and sharpening your skills in one of them. We’ve prepared the most suitable options to pay attention to.


If you are a newcomer and have no idea what language to start learning in the first place, you should pay attention to Python since it has run the table for some time already. It stands out with visceral and easy-to-get syntax, making it a wonderful starting point for a rookie who dreams of building a successful career in the IT industry. You can apply it almost anywhere thanks to its versatility, so if you dream of working with AI, Machine Learning, or any other data science field, this programming language will become a win-win option. Moreover, it will come in handy while working on back-end features of websites or mobile apps. One of the most valuable features of this programming language is the availability of various libraries, so small start-ups can use it on equal par with enterprises. If you master Python at a decent level, a big world of working opportunities will be open in front of you, especially if you want to become a full-stack web developer.


JS has been around for many years already, and it is not going to vanish away, so if you want to study a time-tested programming language, it can be the option. Whatever website you take, for instance, Wikipedia, the chances are high that it has been created with the help of JavaScript. Thus, one can say that it is an unrivaled leader when it comes to web development. Multifaceted nature is the key reason for its widespread usage, so whether you are working on the back or front end, JS may come in handy since it helps make the final product more dynamic. When you click on a popped-up button, you “interact” with JS since it is responsible for logic. Moreover, it represents a fundamental coding language utilized in various web frameworks, for example, Node. The latter is often used by start-ups interested in a run-time environment.


It represents another coding language that will not be superfluous to learn these days if you want to become a top-rated web developer. Java is one of the most old-school coding languages at this moment, but it doesn’t lose its scores in the market. Its scalability and high performance with a rigid space allocation make it a perfect solution for huge organizations. Tech corporations such as Amazon and Instagram utilize this coding language for a reason. Moreover, one should mention that Java is broadly used in Android development, allowing it to appear on the list of in-demand coding languages. Thus, if you are a Google fan and want to try your hand at Android Studio, you should sharpen your coding skills in this language. Java can be compared to Python in terms of the availability of open-source libraries. However, it offers even more APIs for performing various tasks, for instance, networking, etc.

C/C ++

When it comes to coding and web development, a rare job offer can do without a requirement to know this language. Its speed and high functionality allow specialists to utilize it in numerous low-level systems and the development of operation systems, for instance. Besides, it often serves as a foundation for developing other coding languages. That’s why sound knowledge and understanding of C/C++ will help you progress much faster in learning other coding languages. It can boast a huge range of libraries and stability, and these qualities make it popular among game developers, those who deal with computer graphics, VR, etc.

Moreover, it provides access to numerous ready-to-go libraries for algorithms, data structures, and stuff. If you decide to learn this language, you will get a chance to become a part of a well-developed community and meet people ready to hold a helping hand. This coding language is actively utilized by Apple, Google, and many other corporations. So, they are often interested in hiring professional developers who believe that C/C++ is their cup of tea.