What is the difference between shades and goggles?

What is the difference between shades and goggles?

Sunglasses are mainly designed to protect the eyes from sunlight and UV rays present in the sunlight. Goggles are close fitting glasses which cover the entire eye area along with the sides of the head also. Sunglasses are typically a pair of lenses which rests on the nose and ears of the person who is wearing them.

Are sunglasses also called Shades?

Sunglasses or sun glasses (informally called shades) are a form of protective eyewear designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes.

Why are goggles called goggles?

Goggles, or safety glasses, are forms of protective eyewear that usually enclose or protect the area surrounding the eye in order to prevent particulates, water or chemicals from striking the eyes. They are used in chemistry laboratories and in woodworking. They are often used in snow sports as well, and in swimming.

Why are they called aviator sunglasses?

Aviator sunglasses, or "pilot's glasses", were originally developed in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb for pilots to protect their eyes while flying, thus the name aviator. This style of sunglasses is credited with being one of the first popularized style of sunglasses to be developed.