What is Carapils malt used for?

What is Carapils malt used for?

Briess provides the following description of Carapils on their website: Carapils Malt falls into the category of dextrine malts and is intended to improve body, mouthfeel and head retention by adding resistant dextrines, proteins, non-starch polysac-charides , and other substances to the wort and beer.

What does Melanoidin Malt do?

Melanoidin malt is a specialty malt designed to impart intense malty flavor and aroma to beer recipes.

What is Carahell malt?

Weyermann® CARAHELL® is a drum-roasted caramel malt made from two-row, German barley that delivers a fuller body, improved aroma, and increased beer foam while also contributing to a more fuller, rounder body and flavor. … CARAHELL® also imparts deep copper color, and gentle notes of caramel flavor.

What is honey malt?

Honey Malt is a unique malt produced by the Gambrinus Malting Corporation, a small malting company in Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada. … The result is an intense malt sweetness free from roasted or astringent flavors, with a characteristic honey-like flavor and golden color.

What is Carafoam malt?

Weyermann® CARAFOAM® Weyermann® CARAFOAM® is a drum-roasted caramel malt made from two-row, German barley which is especially successful when used to aid in creating better foam improvement, improved head retention and a fuller body. Suitable for all styles where these characteristics are desired.

What is aromatic malt?

Aromatic Malts, a type of specialty malt that contributes a high degree of pronounced malty flavors and aromas to beer and has a color of about 20° SRM/Lovibond. … Depending upon the maltster, aromatic malts may have some diastatic power (enzymes) for the conversion of starch to sugar in the brewing process.

What is Carafa malt?

Weyermann® CARAFA® Type 1 is a light-roasted specialty malt made from high-quality spring barley. It's carefully roasted to add an espresso-like bouquet, coffee and chocolate flavors, and a mild but noticeable roasted aftertaste. It produces opaque beer with coffee-brown color.

What is Carared malt?

Weyermann® CARARED® is a drum-roasted caramel malt made from two-row, German barley that can be used to give a fuller body, along with a deep saturated red color.

What is Munich malt?

Weyermann® Munich Type 1 malt ('Light Munich') is a kilned lager-style malt made from quality, two-row, German spring barley. Usually used as a specialty malt, it has a high enzyme content despite its color, and can constitute up to 100% of the grist.

What is Maris Otter pale malt?

Maris Otter Pale Malt can be utilized for the production of a range of ales from the British Isles. For the creation of excellent Bitters, Pale ale's, Milds, Browns, Porters and Stouts, Maris Otter is a fine base malt, providing a slightly nutty and biscuity flavor to the finished beer.

What is special B?

Special B® is the darkest of the Belgian caramel malts, and oh how special it is. It has a unique aroma and flavor that is very complex. It imparts a heavy, dark caramel taste with more subtle notes of burnt sugar, raisin, and dark dried fruits such as cherries and plums.

What is pale chocolate malt?

William Crisp Pale Chocolate Malt is a light-roasted specialty malt. Lighter in color and milder in taste than regular chocolate malt, Pale Chocolate has the nutty malt flavor of lighter toasted grains, but also some of the heavier flavor of darker roasted malt. Small quantities can be used to add color to dark beers.

What is dextrin malt?

DextraPils® is a type of crystal malt that is often referred to as dextrin malt. … Under these warm and moist conditions, the enzymes in green malt convert starch into fermentable and un-fermentable sugars, also known as dextrins.