What is a Holga camera?

What is a Holga camera?

A Holga History Lesson Reflecting the shining landscape around them, this new camera is named after the term "ho gwong," meaning "very bright." … The concept of the original Holga camera was very straight forward – A minimal and inexpensive camera using medium format 120 film.

How does a Holga camera work?

Simply put, a Holga leaks light from all over. The film counter window, the metal clamps that hold the back, the camera edges, and even the inside of the camera is a shiny black finish causing unwanted light to bounce back all over the place.

What is a Lomography camera?

Lomography is a commercial trademark of Lomographische AG, which their creators associate to a photographic image style and a film camera movement and community facilitated by The Lomographic Society International.