What does S stand for in Mini Cooper?

What does S stand for in Mini Cooper?

It is Sport. Hence the late Rover Mini Cooper Sport, also referred to as Cooper S. It isn't supercharged as BMW still call the latest one Cooper S when its turbocharged.

Is the Mini a good car?

The Mini Cooper is the most well-known Mini and really what we all think of when we say the word 'Mini'. The Mini Cooper is average in terms of dependability. … Just 7.3% of owners experienced a problem with their Mini on more than one occasion. It scores pretty well on autoexpress, with a reliability score of 95.38%.

What is a mini first?

Most importantly the bare mechanical bones of the Mini First remain the same, which means a sophisticated suspension layout, standard Dynamic Stability Control and a chassis designed to provide enjoyable driving. It also retains the same seating layout and is available in hatchback form only.