What does LT mean on a Tahoe?

What does LT mean on a Tahoe?

The "LT" and "LTZ" are a combination of letters used by Chevrolet to delineate different levels of trim on their line of Tahoe SUVs. The letters are not acronyms. The trim of a vehicle, also known as the features, starts at a "base" level, including features like air conditioning, power locks and power windows.

What is the Tahoe LT Signature package?

The LT Signature also sports 20" chrome wheels. The Texas Edition includes all the amenities of the Luxury package and also features Texas Edition emblems and black roof rack cross rails. The LT Z71 adds off-road capabilities to the resume of the Tahoe.

What are the Tahoe trims?

The interior features high-quality materials, and the towing capacity of this Chevrolet are also impressive. There are three main trim levels for the Tahoe: the LS, LT, or LTZ. Depending on how you configure the SUV, you can seat seven, eight, or nine passengers.

What is the Tahoe premier package?

The Premier package is the highest trim level available for the 2018 Chevy Tahoe, and it provides premium luxury at almost every turn. The Chevy Tahoe Premier package starts at $63,495 MSRP and offers high quality amenities, including: Keyless open and start.