What does it mean when yellow shea butter turns white?

What does it mean when yellow shea butter turns white?

If you mean turns white as in'white shea' as opposed to yellow Shea butter then this is a misconception. Shea is the white ivory color naturally and the yellow stuff has root dye extracts added to it to make it more marketable.

What is the true color of shea butter?

ANS: The true color of natural unrefined shea butter range from Ivory to faint yellow to faintly green to beige.

Is raw shea butter yellow?

For the yellow shea butter, a root from the borututu tree is added in the milling process, and gives it that turmeric yellow color. … Now Shea Butter also has different grades, Grade A is usually referred as the white unrefined 100% Raw Shea Butter it can be consumed and used in the cosmetic arena.

Is yellow shea butter good for hair?

There is a controversy between using yellow and white Shea butter. Good hair care products use only unrefined off-white Shea Nilotica. … Shea butter essentially acts as a moisturizing oil and a sealing butter. Shea butter also helps with renewing the skin cells on your skin, which is why they call it a healing butter.