What does hotdish mean?

What does hotdish mean?

A hotdish is a casserole which typically contains a starch, a meat, and a canned or frozen vegetable mixed with canned soup. … Hotdish is cooked in a single baking dish, and served hot (per its name).

Is hot dish one word or two?

A hotdish (it's one word, from what I have read) is a one-dish meal that has a cream-of-something soup, vegetables (usually from a can), some starch-like noodles or potatoes and a meat, says Urban Dictionary, and Tater Nugget Hot Dish seems to be a classic version. The term hotdish is a Minnesota thing, I have read.

What is hotdish in Minnesota?

It's a casserole, except in Minnesota, the casserole is the dish it comes in, and hotdish is what goes inside. vegetables such as corn, peas or green beans may be mixed in. pantheon of Thanksgiving leftovers — nobody does hotdish like Minnesotans.

Where did Tater Tot Hotdish come from?

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