What does Gtsr stand for?

What does Gtsr stand for?

GTSR. Acronym. Definition. GTSR. Going-to-the-Sun Road.

What does Holden GTS stand for?

Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) is the officially designated performance vehicle partner of Australian marque, Holden. … Holden Special Vehicles also modified other non-Holden cars within the General Motors portfolio in low volumes.

What year did the VX Commodore come out?

The Holden Commodore (VX) is an executive car that was produced by the Australian manufacturer Holden from 2000 to 2002. It was the second iteration of the third generation of this Australian made model.

How many VX Clubsport r8 were made?

The Clubsport R8 also fetures HSV VX R8-specific 5 spoke 8” x 18” alloy wheels with 330 mm front and 315 mm ventilated, HSV Performance brakes standard.

What does HSV enhanced mean?

HSV enhanced means it has a snorkel type CAI, 185KW memcal, and different exhaust headers.

What is MAFless tune ls1?

MAFless tuning is a popular modification in Australia for Holden vehicles powered by the General Motors LS1 Gen III 5.7 V8 engine. … MAFless tuned LS engine equipped vehicles never eventuated in the United States as the C5 Corvette with the same engine was always fitted with a MAF sensor.

How many HSV w427 were built?

HSV W427 – 200 vehicle build cap. CarAdvice.

Does Holden still make cars in Australia?

From 1994 to 2017, all Australian-built Holden vehicles were manufactured in Elizabeth, South Australia, and engines were produced at the Fishermans Bend plant in Melbourne. … This led to the announcement on 11 December 2013 that Holden would cease vehicle and engine production by the end of 2017.