What does bootcut mean in jeans?

What does bootcut mean in jeans?

A boot-cut jean is traditionally defined as a jean that tapers at the knee and then loosens at the ankle so that a boot can be worn underneath the jean. It is not to be confused with its cousin, the bell bottom or the flare, as those flare out much more than necessary to accommodate a boot.

Are bootcut jeans flattering?

Yes, science. Bootcut jeans are fitted through the hips and thighs, and slightly flare from the knees down. It's that flare around your calves that make them appear leaner and longer. … Bootcut jeans are a classic choice that happen to be on trend this season, so now's your chance to stock up on a few pairs.

What are straight leg jeans?

Heddels explains Straight Leg As the name implies, straight leg jeans are jeans with a silhouette running straight down to the bottom. They have a consistent leg width and tend to feel somewhat snugger in the thigh. … Straight leg jeans offer a comfortable, classic fit and are a popular cut for jeans today.

Can you wear boots with straight leg jeans?

1. Roll the cuff of your jeans just above your boots to show them off, or opt for a cropped jean. … Cuffing denim above the ankle (rather than trying to tuck jeans into your boots) or wearing shorter jeans allows you to wear straight leg or boyfriend jeans, too.