What classifies a soup as a chowder?

What classifies a soup as a chowder?

A chowder is a thick, rich, chunky soup usually made with a white sauce base though Manhattan chowders have a tomato base. Originally, it was a fishermen's stew made with seafood but today, vegetable chowders are common such as corn chowder and potato chowder.

Is chowder a soup or stew?

Chowder is a type of soup or stew often prepared with milk or cream and thickened with broken crackers, crushed ship biscuit, or a roux. Variations of chowder can be seafood or vegetable.

What’s the difference between New England clam chowder and Manhattan clam chowder?

Boston clam chowder and new England clam chowder are one in the same. … The fundamental difference between all of these chowders is the broth. You see that Boston chowder has a thick creamy broth, the rhode island has a thin clear(ish) broth, and Manhattan has a red tomato based broth.

Why is it called Chowder?

Chowder has its roots in the Latin word calderia, which originally meant a place for warming things, and later came to mean cooking pot. The word calderia also gave us cauldron, and in French became chaudiere. It is also thought to come from the old English word jowter (a fish peddler).