What are Grade A eggs used for?

What are Grade A eggs used for?

Grade AA eggs are most frequently used for frying, poaching and hard boiling. Grade A: Grade A eggs are still very fresh and have shells that closely resemble Grade AA eggs. They are clean, crack-free and traditionally shaped. The egg whites will still be clear and relatively firm.

What does class A eggs mean?

Eggs are classified into either Class A or Class B. Class A is the highest grade and eggs can be sold as 'shell eggs'.

Are Grade B eggs safe to eat?

A Grade B egg will perhaps have a shell with some discoloration but is OK to eat. You could go your entire life without seeing a Grade B egg; they're not sold in markets much. For more info on how the USDA grades eggs, including a fascinating answer to the question "How do you inspect egg whites without breaking eggs?"

How do you know the grade of an egg?

Grade AA egg shells are completely clean, thick, smooth, and have a definite oval shape. With Grade B eggs, the shell may have a bit of a stain or bumps on it. Eggs are very much judged by their covers. The firmer the egg white, the higher grade the egg is going to get.