Is there a difference between ale and beer?

Is there a difference between ale and beer?

Ale typically ferments in the 60° to 75°F (16° to 24°C) range. … Ales and lagers are each made using different strains of yeast. Simply put, lagers are brewed using bottom-fermenting strains of yeast held at colder temperatures, while ales are brewed with a top fermenting yeast that operates at warmer temperatures.

Is Ale better than beer?

Fermentation happens more slowly and the beer is more stable, so it can be stored (or “lagered”) for longer than ales. This yeast tends to have less presence in the finished beer. As compared to ales, lagers have a cleaner and crisper quality with emphasis on the hops and malt flavors.

What makes a beer a lager or an ale?

Common Answer #1: Ale is made with top-fermenting yeast, but lager is made with bottom-fermenting yeast. … Most yeast cells, ale and lager alike, flocculate and end up on the bottom of the fermentation vessel, at least to some degree.

What is the difference in taste between a lager and an ale?

The combination of colder temperatures and bottom-fermenting yeast is responsible for the mild and crisp taste of most lagers. Ale recipes often contain a higher amount of hops, malt and roasted malts, hence they typically have a more prominent malty taste and bitterness.