Is prealbumin and albumin the same?

Is prealbumin and albumin the same?

Although the names are similar, prealbumin and albumin are completely different molecules. They are both proteins made by the liver, however, and both have been used historically to evaluate nutritional status.

What does low albumin and prealbumin mean?

Low prealbumin scores mean that you are likely to need a nutritional assessment. Low prealbumin scores may also be a sign of liver disease, inflammation, or tissue death (tissue necrosis). High prealbumin scores may be a sign of long-term (chronic) kidney disease, steroid use, or alcoholism.

Why albumin is not a good indicator of nutritional status?

Because of its relationship to inflammation, serum albumin is no longer considered a good indicator of malnutrition or protein repletion. … However, a decreased serum albumin is considered an indicator of morbidity and mortality and persons with low albumin levels are sometimes at nutritional risk for other reasons.

What are normal albumin and prealbumin levels?

Preoperative serum albumin was evaluated in relation to 30-day postoperative morbidity and mortality. … Normal serum prealbumin concentrations range from 16 to 40 mg/dL; values of <16 mg/dL are associated with malnutrition.