Is gorgonzola the same as blue cheese?

Is gorgonzola the same as blue cheese?

Roquefort and Gorgonzola are two kinds of blue cheese. Roquefort is a French sheep's milk cheese and Gorgonzola is Italian and made from cow's milk. Roquefort has a sharper flavor, but is not as strongly flavored as robust and aromatic Gorgonzola.

Can you substitute blue cheese for Gorgonzola?

Gorgonzola is an Italian blue cheese. … It might be that you find an alternative to gorgonzola that you like. Without knowing the particular salad recipe it is difficult to recommend a specific cheese. Crumbled feta cheese may be a good choice, lending an earthy tone without the strong flavor of a blue cheese.

Is Gorgonzola milder than blue cheese?

Gorgonzola and Danish Blue will have the mildest flavors. Stilton, a hard cheese, takes second place here in terms of pungent flavor. Just so you know, the rind is edible, but not particularly tasty to some individuals. The creamy, crumbly blue cheeses are going to be the strongest.

Is it blue cheese or bleu cheese?

A: You'll be dismayed to hear this, but the phrase “blue cheese” showed up in English a century and a half before the Frenchified “bleu cheese” version. In fact, the phrase “blue cheese” may have appeared in English before fromage bleu made its appearance in French. Here's the story.