Is Google Mini the same as Google home?

Is Google Mini the same as Google home?

The biggest difference between the Google Home and the Home Mini: the sound they produce. The Google Home Mini is clearly meant primarily as a voice-enabled assistant for your home, while the bigger Google Home is designed to add music to the equation.

What is Google home mini used for?

A Google Home Mini is a smart speaker that can handle many functions of your smartphone using only your voice. The Mini packs the brain power of the Google search engine in combination with other information about you to provide useful answers and actions to voice commands.

Is Google home mini worth it?

If you're looking for a small, affordable home assistant, then the Google Home Mini is a great option. The small speaker is surprisingly loud and full sounding for its size, is able to understand voice commands from across the room, and integrates extremely well with other Google-made devices.

Is Google home Mini a hub?

Google offers its Home family of devices as part of its connected home offering. The devices are an alternative to Amazon's Echo range of devices and the family consists of the Google Home, Home Mini, Home Max and Home Hub, the latter of which has been rebranded to Nest Hub.