Is Cashew Butter the same as peanut butter?

Is Cashew Butter the same as peanut butter?

Cashew butter also has the same number of calories and fat as peanut butter, but less protein and more carbs. Cashew butter has more iron and magnesium than peanut butter. Cashew butter also has a bit more monounsaturated fat.

Can peanut butter be substituted for cashew butter?

A direct substitution with cashew or almond butter won't produce the same results. Neither cashew nor almond butter works well as a direct substitue for peanut butter in a cookie recipe.

Does cashew butter taste like peanut butter?

All of the fat in cashew butter is heart-healthy unsaturated fat, which is excellent news for anyone who enjoys the smooth, creamy taste as an alternative to peanut butter or conventional butter. Cashew butter contains about half the sugar of peanut butter and it frequently contains less additives.

What type of nut butter is healthiest?

Peanut butter contains the highest amount of protein For an economical and healthy choice, Childress said, peanut butter offers the highest amount of protein per serving of all nut butter — 8 grams — and is typically inexpensive.