Is brown mustard seed the same as black?

Is brown mustard seed the same as black?

Although these are often referred to as Black Mustard Seeds, but are a different variety. Brown mustard seeds are similar in size to the black variety and can vary in colour from light to dark brown. They are more pungent than the white, less than the black.

Can you substitute brown mustard seeds for black?

Your best bet: Brown mustard seeds While both the black and brown mustard varieties are used in Indian cooking, the brown is preferred to the black in Europe and America since it is possible to mechanize harvesting.

What is the difference between black and yellow mustard seeds?

Black mustard is dark brown to black in colour, whereas yellow mustard seeds are either yellow or white in colour. There is also a difference in the flavour between black and yellow mustard. The black mustard comes with a strong pungent flavour, whereas the yellow mustard comes with a mild flavour.

Are nigella seeds the same as black mustard seeds?

The Nigella seeds are known also as kalonji and you may be able to find them in Asian or Indian food stores. … The Nigella seeds are slightly pungent and biitter and Nigella suggests black mustard seeds as an alternative.