Is Brass a dielectric material?

Is Brass a dielectric material?

Brass is considered compatible with steel and can serve as a dielectric fitting between copper and steel, which includes the tank. Now, if one wants to get more technical about it, then it depends on the type of brass or bronze and the type of steel as some are more compatible with each other than other types.

What is the purpose of a dielectric union?

Dielectric unions are used to join pipes made from dissimilar metals to avoid electrolysis, which leads to corrosion and pipe failure. This union is made from galvanized steel and lead-free brass. Plumbing codes in all states require the use of dielectric unions when connecting dissimilar metals.

Do I need a dielectric union for my water heater?

Dielectric Unions If either the tank nipples or the pipes are galvanized steel, however, and you are connecting them to copper, you must use a fitting called a dielectric union to make the connection. … Both the hot and cold water pipes must have this fitting — it's a code requirement.

Does copper react with brass?

To safely connect copper and galvanized steel, you have two options. Since brass doesn't react with either the copper or the zinc, one method is to make sure you have a threaded female end on both the copper and the steel pipes, and then connect the two by simply inserting a short threaded brass nipple between them.