Is a drum the same as a toner cartridge?

Is a drum the same as a toner cartridge?

The toner cartridge is the container that holds the toner powder. The drum unit is an electrically charged cylinder that transfers that toner powder to paper to create text and images. Both of these components are essential for producing a print.

What is the difference between ink and toner cartridges?

In a nutshell, ink cartridges contain liquid and are used by inkjet printers and toner cartridges contain powder and are used by laser printers. The ink inside an ink cartridge can be either dye-based or pigment-based, depending on which cartridge you have.

What is an imaging drum?

The imaging drum is the heart of the laser printer or the copier. It transfers the print image, consisting of toner, onto the paper. An imaging drum is also called OPC, imaging unit or just drum by some manufacturers. A dirty or worn out drum reduces extremely the printing quality of a laser printer.

What is the toner cartridge in printer?

A toner cartridge, also called laser toner, is the consumable component of a laser printer. Toner cartridges contain toner powder, a fine, dry mixture of plastic particles, carbon, and black or other coloring agents that make the actual image on the paper.