How much will an electric fireplace raise my electric bill?

How much will an electric fireplace raise my electric bill?

Electric fireplaces use only about 1,500 watts of electricity. Operational costs range between 0.003 to 3 cents per hour when you use them strictly for decorative purposes — that is, the flames are activated but no heat is produced.

Can you heat a house with a gas fireplace?

It won't heat a house as evenly, but a direct vent gas fireplace with a good blower can be fairly efficient and can definitely heat 1400 square feet (provided you size the insert correctly). … That will keep air moving throughout the house. (you could just use floor fans too, though that's a little cumbersom).

How can I heat my house with a fireplace?

Gas fireplaces are safe. But as with all gas appliances, they do produce carbon monoxide. … Therefore, carbon monoxide detectors are a critical part of gas fireplace safety, even if you don't use the fireplace often.

Does an electric fireplace add value to a home?

Both electric and gas fireplaces add instant value to your home, but an electric fireplace adds minimal value, while a gas fireplace adds much more value. Although it costs more to install a gas fireplace than an electric fireplace, you may be able to recoup up to 91% of that cost when you sell your home.

Can you replace a gas fireplace with an electric?

Electric inserts can be fitted into just about any existing fireplace. … In order to replace a gas fireplace with an electric insert you will need to remove the existing unit, seal the gas line, and pop in the electric unit.

What uses more electricity heat or AC?

In fact, it can take up to three times more electricity to heat a home than to cool it, which equates to a higher bill. The most efficient way to heat your home is with an electric heat pump. But, most customers don't have a heat pump, so they rely on the heating element in their air conditioner to heat their homes.

Do gas log fireplaces give off heat?

While a vented gas fireplace can give your furnace a break, it's no replacement. Like ventless gas fireplaces, vented gas fireplaces provide a decent amount of heat to the room in which they're located, but often need a boost from the heat of a furnace to make a room comfortable for an extended period of time.

Does a gas fireplace use a lot of energy?

As of June 2011, most gas fireplaces cost less than 30 cents per hour to operate. The model's energy input and current gas prices will determine your actual rate. As a frame of reference, gas furnaces cost about four times as much as gas fireplaces to run, so you can warm up without spending a fortune.