How do you drink sloe gin?

How do you drink sloe gin?

Sloe gin is traditionally sipped neat or as a hot toddy cocktail according to Joanne, but it works lovely chilled too. 'I would suggest using ice if drinking in cold cocktails such as a sloe gin and ginger ale,' Joanne recommends. 'Or just add a shot to a chilled glass of Prosecco.'

What does sloe gin look like?

It is a red liqueur made with sloes, a type of berry from the sloe (or blackthorn) bush. The sloe is a blue-black fruit which is a type of plum and can look like a cross between that and a blueberry. … Sloe gin will often have a gin or vodka base and is sweetened with sugar.

What is sloe gin used for?

Sloe Gin Is a Versatile Cocktail Ingredient. Between England and America, the way people drink the liqueur differs greatly. In its home country, “sloe gin is used as a winter warmer,” DeAngelo says. “And for some odd reason, it's also common [in England] to see people put it in a flask and take it hunting with them.

How long does sloe gin last for?

Close the lids tightly and store in a cool, dry, dark place. Give the jars a good shake each day, until all of the sugar has dissolved. Leave to mature for at least three months – but don't let the fruit spoil, so no more than six.