Can you use paneer instead of tofu?

Can you use paneer instead of tofu?

Palak Paneer is by no means a difficult dish to veganize because it is almost vegan — other than the paneer, that is. In the past, I'd use firm tofu, pressed and then baked, in lieu of the paneer. But now I use superfirm tofu, which works even better as a paneer substitute.

Which is best tofu or paneer?

Tofu can be a better option as compared to paneer when it comes to iron content. Tofu has high levels of iron and it can be a great food options for people suffering from anaemia. Paneer is often considered to be a food which is good for weight loss. … Whereas, the fat content in tofu is comparatively low.

Which is better cheese or paneer?

A 100g serving of cheese contains 18g of protein, while the same amount of paneer contains 11g of protein. … Even though cheese is very healthy, it has high amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol making it bad for your heart. A 100g serving of cheese has a whooping 18g of saturated fat and 100mg of cholesterol.

Is paneer a protein or fat?

Paneer is of great value in diet, especially in the Indian vegetarian context, because it contains a fairly high level of fat and proteins as well as some minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus. It is also a good source of fat soluble vitamins A and D. So its food and nutritive value is fairly high.