Can Pace Picante Sauce be used as salsa?

Can Pace Picante Sauce be used as salsa?

Picante sauce is really just a jarred, cooked subset of modern salsa. Whereas salsa encompasses a variety of different preparations — both cooked and uncooked — including Picante sauce, Picante sauce just refers to the one product invented by David Pace.

What is the difference between salsa and sauce?

It's the same difference between the english and spanish languages. Salsa means sauce, but generally American view salsa as a raw or cooked mixture of vegetables, fruit, and/or legumes, dressed with a vinaigrette. To Aemerican's sauces are pretty much anything that is somewhat liquid that is served with something else.

What is Pace Picante Sauce?

Established in 1947 by David Pace, Pace Picante Sauce was the first to commercially use the “P” word (“picante,” which means “spicy” or “flavorful” in Spanish) for its salsa, which was originally made in the back of a San Antonio liquor store. … A “picante” $1.115 billion!

Is picante sauce chunky?

Salsas can be green or red, thick and chunky, or thin and watery, depending on their intended use. Picante sauces, on the other hand, are characterized as being thin, red sauces that have intense heat. While a picante sauce is a type of salsa, all salsas are not picante sauce.