Can I use fondant instead of Gumpaste?

Can I use fondant instead of Gumpaste?

Thank you! You can add tylose powder to fondant to make it dry harder like gumpaste. … Yes, you can use fondant instead of gum paste, and as was previously said this is done by adding something like Tylose to the fondant so that it will have a stiffer texture.

Is fondant or Gumpaste better for figurines?

Fondant/gumpaste Figurines Help! … It dries so much harder than fondant. I would definitely start them early. The longer they have to dry the better.

Can you eat gum paste?

GUM PASTE: It is used primarily for hand modeling figures and can be rolled very thin for petal flowers, leaves and very detailed decorations.It is similar in texture to fondant but it dries very hard, gum paste is an edible product and taste very bland, but I do not recommend eating it.

Can I mix fondant and Gumpaste?

Place the rolled fondant on top of the rolled gumpaste and press them together. … You can fold the gumpaste and fondant together and roll them out again in order to mix them properly. Proceed to cut and form the fondant just as you normally would.