Can I use bread flour to make cookies?

Can I use bread flour to make cookies?

In a recent post I developed a recipe for Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. Bread flour was used here to create more chew due to more gluten. You can substitute bread flour for all-purpose flour cup for cup. Just remember the texture will be more chewy than with all-purpose flour.

Which flour makes the best bread?

Unbleached all-purpose has the lowest amount of protein, usually around 10.5%. Bread flour contains about 12 to 12.7%. High-gluten and whole-wheat flours have about 14% protein.

Can I use bread flour instead of all purpose flour for pancakes?

All-purpose, Bread flour, Cake Flour, Self-Rising, or Wheat Flour. … If you are going to use wheat flour, decrease the amount to 1 cup minus 2 TBSP. If you use self-rising flour omit the baking powder in the recipe because self-rising flour already has baking powder and salt mixed in.

Can I substitute bread flour for all purpose flour in brownies?

If you love a chewy brownie, try replacing the all purpose flour with bread flour. It will result in a much chewier brownie due to the extra gluten. Be sure to mix, mix, mix if you're using bread flour. It will help develop the gluten and result in a chewier brownie.

Can I use bread flour instead of all purpose flour for banana bread?

You can use bread flour if you have no choice and there's some sort of banana cake emergency at hand, but I wouldn't recommend it as a good choice of flour in this instance. Bread flour has a higher gluten content which can give you the larger holes (alveoli) you see in good breads. … Banana bread is actually a cake.

Can I use bread flour for muffins?

Something made by the muffin method (combine wet, combine dry, mix just enough to combine) will probably be OK made with bread flour, because you aren't working the batter enough to active the gluten. … You want to use either special cake flour or pastry flour for those, or at a pinch, all purpose.