Can I substitute ghee for clarified butter?

Can I substitute ghee for clarified butter?

Like shortening, ghee and clarified butter are water-freeā€”both are made by slowly simmering butter until all the water has evaporated. Another promising attribute: Both melt at higher temperatures than butter (though they still melt at temperatures lower than shortening).

Is ghee more healthy than butter?

Ghee has a slightly higher concentration of fat than butter and more calories. One tablespoon of ghee has about 120 calories , whereas one tablespoon of butter has about 102 calories . … So, if you're watching your fat and calorie intake, choosing one over the other may not impact your health.

What is the difference between butter and clarified butter?

The difference between clarified butter and ghee is that ghee is heated until the milk solids are brown and caramelized and sink to the bottom of the pan; as a result, ghee has a nuttier taste than regular clarified butter.