Can ham radio pick up police?

Can ham radio pick up police?

Many portable Ham radios can listen to NOAA and commercial FM stations, as well. Plus, you get the huge bonus of picking up and talking with your local emergency services (fire, police, medical, etc.). … Ham does. Basic Ham radio equipment is not guaranteed to pick up all of your local emergency services.

What CB channel do police use?

The FCC restricts channel 9 to emergency communications and roadside assistance. Most highway travelers monitor channel 9. Truck drivers still use CB, which is an effective means of obtaining information about road construction, accidents and police speed traps.

How far can a HAM radio reach?

With a 2 metre mobile radio in your car, you can talk directly to other hams 15 or 20 kilometres away. By operating through a repeater station, that same radio can reliably reach hundreds of kilometres. With an HF (high frequency) radio, you can reach the entire world…if the conditions are favorable.

Why is it called ham radio?

Well, it goes like this: The word "HAM" as applied to 1908 was the station CALL of the first amateur wireless stations operated by some amateurs of the Harvard Radio Club. They were ALBERT S. HYMAN, BOB ALMY and POOGIE MURRAY. At first they called their station "HYMAN-ALMY-MURRAY".

Do I need a license to use a CB radio?

A CB radio does not require a license to operate. … For the most part, you can operate a CB radio on all 40 channels and frequencies designated by the FCC for CB, but there are some caveats. First, you can use CB only on those 40 channels and frequencies.

Can I use a CB SWR meter for 2m?

I use a CB SWR meter to check 2M antennas all the time. There is a trick to it however. If all you want to to is check SWR on your 2M antenna, you don't necessarily have to buy a dedicated VHF/UHF SWR meter. … The closer to 1:1 your SWR is, the more accurate it will be.

Do I really need a GMRS license?

FRS radios are low power (0.5 watt) handhelds that do not require an FCC license. … However, a license is required to be able to operate on the frequencies set aside by the FCC for GMRS purposes. There are FRS/GMRS hybrid radios available, however, if the GMRS frequencies are used, then a GMRS license is required.

What do you do on ham radio?

FRS and GMRS can talk, but a ham radio can only receive FRS and GMRS if it has a wide enough receiver. GMRS cannot transmit on ham frequencies legally and ham radio cannot transmit on GMRS frequencies legally.

Can I use a 10 meter radio as a CB?

Since they are on different frequencies, 10 meters do not talk with 11 meter radios unless they are modified, which is illegal. This means that you can still use a standard CB antenna- just be sure to get an antenna that has a power rating that will handle the power output of your 10 meter radio.

What is the best CB antenna?

There is nothing between CB and UHF radios. CB is UHF there is 3 bands for radios VHF,UHF,AM. The only difference is that the railways use set channels that they hold the transmit rights for the same as the Police, CFA, SES & Ambo's. Its the same thing.

Does BaoFeng make a CB radio?

The Baofeng UV5R radios are all FM (Frequency Modulation) and will not go low enough in frequency to operate on the CB bands. … But, back to the original topic, the answer is no, you can not use the baofeng UV-5R or any of the Baofeng series of radios on the CB band at this time.