Are pickles and cucumbers the same thing?

Are pickles and cucumbers the same thing?

Cucumbers are soaked in a brine or vinegar base, normally with plenty of extra herbs and seasonings. … Because the term pickle refers to pickled cucumbers, these other products would be called pickled peppers and pickled carrots. So pickles and cucumbers are the same in that they come from the same thing: the cucumber.

Do cucumbers taste like pickles?

Pickles are cucumbers. … You know, the sliced green fruit they put on hamburgers, and yes, pickles (cucumbers) are fruit. The funny thing is, I'm always telling people how the pickles at Wendy's taste more like cucumbers than pickles. Why, because they probably aren't pickled for as long as most cucumbers.

What kind of Cucumbers do you use for pickles?

Choose the Right Variety Pass over long, thin-skinned varieties, like English hothouse cucumbers. "I like to use medium-to-small-sized Kirby cukes," says Brad. The Kirby variety has a thicker skin that can stand up to the pickling liquid, and remains crunchy, with a good snap, long after it's been preserved.

Can you pickle normal cucumbers?

You can use whichever kind of cucumbers you want: Small pickling cucumbers, regular cucumbers or English cucumbers (the ones that come in shrink-wrapped). … If you want the softest skins and fewest seeds possible, go for the small pickling cucumbers. This also recipe works equally well for making whole pickles.