Are curcumin and cumin the same thing?

Are curcumin and cumin the same thing?

Unlike curcumin, which is obtained from the root of the turmeric plant, cumin is a seed-derived spice. Botanically known as Cuminum cyminum and also known as jeera in Ayurvedic medicine, cumin is native to the eastern Mediterranean area and is used in Middle Eastern, Indian, North African and South American cuisines.

Which is better turmeric or cumin?

Both spices are warm and earthy, but turmeric is more bitter than sweet. … Turmeric is a bright yellow, whereas cumin is an orangish brown. In their fresh, unground form, turmeric and cumin differ even more dramatically: Turmeric is a root that looks similar to whole ginger. Fresh cumin is purchased in the form of seeds.

Can I substitute cumin for turmeric?

Cumin may be a good substitute for turmeric powder when the recipe calls for a bitter, earthy taste. It is important to keep in mind, however, that cumin is a highly aromatic spice and that the flavor of cumin is still quite different from that of turmeric. Plus, cumin cannot be used to give a dish a nice yellow color.