5 SEO Trends Every Retailer Must Look Out For!

Today’s society is so used to getting any information they search right away that they never even bother to hit the page number two on search engines. So, if a retailer does not manage to get on the first page of Google, it does not really have much of an existence in the online space. SEO is what you need to be one among the top players in the game who pull in new clients by the day through their strong online presence.

The world of SEO is constantly evolving and getting complex and it is undoubtedly one of the most competitive digital marketing strategies. If you are an online retailer who wants to stay ahead of the competition, here is a list of five trends that you must watch out for.

  1. Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Search Results

Alphabet, the parent company of Google has developed Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to such an extent when any search query is processed through it now. It aids Google to filter out the results and rank them in accordance with user interaction. Apart from user behavior, it is also able to figure out the connection between topics and queries. For instance, when you search ‘wearing earrings,’ Google will show you different kinds of blogs on reasons to wear earrings and why people wear earrings. Only a few retailers might be included in the page.

The Artificial Intelligence setup will examine the quality of your content based on the number of people clicking on your link and the duration for which they are staying on your page. Put your focus on delivering comprehensive content based on user’s needs and intents.

  1. Shifting the Importance to Mobile Searches

Millennials spend at least three hours each day on mobile, and that amounts to a significant amount of searches being conducted on the smartphones and tablets. Mobiles have become a way of getting any and every information on the go, and that is one of the reasons why Google has now taken up a mobile-first stance.

Google considers the mobile versions of the websites as the primary version and thus, it first checks the mobile version and then moves on to the desktop version of your sites. The rankings of both your desktop and mobile sites are going to fall if your website is not mobile friendly. Make sure that all the components of your website are loading fast on the mobiles and thereby, providing a better user experience. This will ensure that you get some added love from Google in the form of high rankings.

5 SEO Trends Every Retailer Must Look Out For!


  1. Video Searching

The videos today are watched at a faster rate than you can finish off the tub of popcorn in your hand. The video traffic is high globally, and YouTube is one of the most popular search engines nowadays. It will be a right approach for you to create and optimize videos on YouTube if you are looking to grow your traffic in the upcoming years. The websites that develop videos enjoy a significantly higher number of web traffic than those that don’t.

If the videos are engaging, you will get more traffic and that will translate into more sales for your business. You will get more prominence on Search Engine Results Page for the optimized videos and that will increase the chances of getting more number of clicks on your website.

  1. Impact of Voice Search

More and more people are turning to voice search every day as it is so addictive that after you do it once, you keep going for it every time you search. The percentage of increase in voice search is growing rapidly as compared to type search. The busy lives of the modern consumers have made them wanting everything, right from their morning coffee to evening news on the go and that is exactly what is enable by voice search.

Featured snippets, or the text blocks that appear on top after a search query, are the first results for voice search. If you want your website to come up in the featured snippet, you need to rank organically by creating well-structured content and text-heavy content that the users will love to read and Google will definitely reward you for it.

5 SEO Trends Every Retailer Must Look Out For!


  1. The Search Engine Results Page Features

The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) does not quite look similar to what it did before. It is full of new features like knowledge panels, featured snippets, local packs, and much more. This is good news for any retailer as it means that there are more ways than one to increase the number of clicks on your website.

SERP is getting new updates and becoming more dynamic and multifaceted than ever to allow a host of businesses to take advantage of it. Like all the aspects of SEO, the focus in this case too is to maximize the user experience. SEO now goes beyond a package of keywords and it is focused more on creating a contextual context that is relevant to the user’s intent which makes getting a top spot in Google easier than before.

The smartest retailers need to constantly focus on the improvement of their content leading to streamlining of the user experience. You need to start putting to work the innovative trends to stay on top of the game and use the Search Engines to your benefit.